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Protect Loved Ones From Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

At some point, many people will require the services of an assisted living or nursing facility. Whether they are considering this option for themselves, a spouse or a parent, there are many aspects to consider when choosing the right facility. Your assistance needs, location, personal preferences, as well as your finances will all play a part in your decision. But perhaps the most important consideration is to choose a facility that will keep you safe.

New E. Coli Strain Among Deadliest

This spring, the European Union saw one of the deadliest outbreaks of food poisoning ever recorded. The culprit, a new strain of E. coli, confounded doctors and investigators with its surprising virulence and resistance to antibiotics. Even months later, its affects are still being tabulated, with the World Health Organization to date citing over 50 fatalities and over 4,000 sickened. The food-borne illness largely struck residents of Germany, but its victims include citizens from fourteen other countries in the EU, Canada and the United States. Most recently, the death of a 65-year old man resident of Arizona was confirmed as being the first American fatality as a result of the outbreak.

What Happened in Vegas? Legionnaires' Disease.

Anyone who vacations in Las Vegas knows something about taking chances. One of the biggest appeals of visiting Vegas is the potential for anything to happen. But, while everyone hopes lady luck smiles on them, realistically the most you’ll probably return home with is a lighter bank account and a need for sleep. Odds are good, however, that no one expects their vacation souvenir to be a potentially deadly respiratory illness. Yet, recently the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada was linked to six cases of Legionnaires’ disease among guests visiting the resort.

Illinois Injured Workers Rights Under Attack

Unfortunately for Illinois workers, state legislation recently signed into law by Governor Pat Quinn seriously reduces their rights and protections when injured on the job. House Bill 1698 was introduced under the guise of reforming the workers compensation system in Illinois. Ultimately, however, the focus of the bill revolves around saving the state and employers money at the expense of injured Illinois workers.

Navigating the Language of Workers' Compensation

For employees who have been injured on the job, understanding their rights under worker compensation laws can be daunting. Simply filing a claim involves a seemingly ever-changing tangle of rules and red-tape. Too often, a worker in real need of medical help never receives assistance because they were unable to understand the procedures or gave up due to frustration. And sadly, matters are growing increasingly complicated as more states adopt new legislation that further limits the rights of employees. More, now than ever, workers find that the best way to ensure fair treatment is to utilize the services of a workers’ compensation attorney. But workers can also improve their position by understanding a few of the commonly used terms that may appear when pursuing benefits.

Healthcare Workers at High Risk of Injury

The healthcare industry is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries worldwide. Particularly in the United States, the unprecedented percentage of population reaching age 65+ in the next ten to twenty years will cause demand to surge. With healthcare jobs projected to grow by 3.2 million by 2018, many jobseekers may be attracted to the booming industry. However, while a career in healthcare brings many benefits, there are also risks associated with the field. Unfortunately, healthcare workers are among the leading occupations at risk for on-the-job injuries.

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