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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

Avoid a lifetime of pain by wearing proper footwear on the job

As a construction worker, you engage in dangerous activities while working. Climbing ladders, driving vehicles and handling machinery describes your daily life. You rely on protective gear to shield your body from injuries, and your required uniform should be comfortable enough to wear throughout long shifts during a hot Illinois summer.

3 thinks injured construction workers should know

Your wife and young children count on you being able to work to make ends meet. As a construction worker, you go to work each day knowing that you are at an increased risk for being injured because of an accident. Have you ever thought of what would happen to your family if you were injured? Would you be able to keep a roof over your head, your utilities on and food on the table? In many cases, filing a workers' compensation claim can help you to make ends meet. Here are three points that you should know about injuries at construction sites and compensation afterward.

Construction Safety Day highlights the real dangers facing workers

Most people might not realize it, but today is actually the 7th annual Construction Safety Day, an initiative sponsored by the Governor's Industrial Safety and Health Advisory Board in Washington state.

Safe driving urged during National Work Zone Awareness Week

There are perhaps no more dangerous occupations within the construction industry than those associated with road construction. On a daily basis, these men and women have to not only worry about traditional worksite hazards (falling objects, dangerous machinery, deep trenches, etc.), but also the traffic zooming by them.

National safety stand-down will cover fatal construction falls

Of the seemingly innumerable dangers facing workers on the typical construction site, none perhaps looms any larger than falls from heights. Indeed, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has determined that falls are currently the leading cause of fatal construction accidents in the U.S., accounting for over a third of all fatalities.

2 construction workers hurt by Ferris wheel motor

Falling objects at construction sites can cause a considerable amount of harm to workers. A construction accident involving a falling object recently happened in another state, South Dakota.

Why proper lighting for construction sites is a bright idea

A brief examination of readily available statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reveals that fatal construction accidents continue to be a major issue here in the United States. To illustrate, the agency determined that 775 people lost their lives in construction accidents in 2012 alone.

One worker dead and another injured in construction accident

One man is dead and another injured after being hit by falling concrete at a demolition site in Vernon Hills. The 25-year-old Palos Park man died of crush injuries, including internal bleeding and a crushed pelvis, at Advocate Condell Medical Center. He was reportedly working to remove a layer of brick from an outer wall. The concrete pieces appear to have fallen from the roof line of the building.

Chicagoland construction sites pause for fall prevention training

If you drive by a residential or commercial construction site, you will undoubtedly see everything from bulldozers and dump trucks to cement mixers and tool belts. You will also more than likely see multiple ladders or an intricate system of scaffolding. What you may be shocked to learn, however, is that these ladders and scaffolding are actually the most deadly piece of equipment on the entire work site.

Answers sought after fatal accident at site of new NFL stadium

While we prefer to think that serious construction accidents are largely a thing of the past due to improvements in safety equipment and a greater overall awareness of workplace dangers, this simply isn't the case. In fact, hundreds of thousands of hard working men and women suffer debilitating and sometimes fatal work injuries every year because of the inherently dangerous conditions found at many construction sites.

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