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Your personal doctor can help treat your workplace injury

Illinois employers often act like they want to make sure their injured workers are taken care of, but many victims are shocked when they are forced to return to work early. It is unfortunately all too common for victims of workplace injuries to be told that their injuries are not serious or do not require further treatment, even when the opposite is true. While this is a stressful situation to deal with, it is usually possible to see a doctor of your own preference for a workplace injury.

Asbestos exposure in disaster cleanup can cause workplace injury

The floods caused by Hurricane Harvey prompted reminders by safety authorities about the hazards clean-up crews may face. Damaged older buildings pose asbestos hazards, and Illinois workers who are sent to help clean up disaster areas must keep the associated workplace injury threat in mind and make sure they are equipped with the appropriate protective gear. The destruction of natural disasters can cause harmful and toxic substances to be released into the air, water and soil when older buildings are damaged.

Hotel worker falls to his death in work-related accident

The threat of falling exists in any workplace, regardless of the industry. An Illinois office worker may not be at as much risk of falling as a construction worker, but the danger is present in a wide variety of work environments. A hotel in a neighboring state recently announced the tragic death of one of its employees in a work\-related accident.

Subcontractor suffers serious injury in 20-foot fall

Authorities in Illinois reported that a man in his 50s fell approximately 20 feet at the work site of the new Jacksonville water plant. He was subcontracting at the $30 million construction project when he suffered a serious injury. Apparently, the incident occurred around 9:30 a.m. on a recent Tuesday.

Workers' compensation benefits cover heat-related illnesses

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently reminded company owners of the dangers posed by heat exposure. Employers were urged to protect outdoor workers and also employees who are exposed to excessive indoor temperatures. During heat waves, temperatures can soar to level over 90 degrees, and workers can suffer heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Many of these cases will lead to workers' compensation benefits claims.

Drowning death appears to have been a work-related accident

Sometimes, the life of a worker in Illinois or another state is lost when nobody is nearby to either help the victim or provide information about the circumstances that caused the death. In some cases, it is not even clear whether a work\-related accident caused the fatality. Although investigators will work to find the answers, the situation may cause additional traumatic for loved ones looking for explanations about what happened.

Work accident kills worker who was also part-time performer

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched an investigation into the death of a paving company worker in Illinois. This fatal work accident touched the whole community because the deceased man, particularly due to the man's side gig moonlighting as a singer of old-time favorites in local venues. An official coroner's report is pending.

Injured Illinois workers have a right to choice of doctor

If you are an employee in Illinois, you may feel comfortable knowing that workers' compensation insurance will provide benefits in the event of you suffer injuries in a workplace accident. However, when you file a workers' compensation claim, you might not have a say in the choice of doctor. Your employer may send you to a company-appointed doctor that might look after the interests of the business and not yours. In some cases, the doctor declares the injured employee fit for work long before recovery is complete.

Benefit claim after workplace injury subject to time limit

Illinois workers are entitled to workers' compensation insurance benefits if they are injured in workplace accidents. However, there are specific timelines by which certain steps must be taken to ensure eligibility for benefits after a workplace injury. The first and obvious step is to seek medical attention. Then, keeping in mind that the medical bills and lost wages will soon cause financial difficulties, the following steps must follow as soon as possible.

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