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Work-Related Injuries Archives

Work injury: Warning of cancer-threats of hydraulic fracking

Groups of opponents to the proposed fracking in Illinois made their concerns known at a recent meeting at the offices of Carbondale Township. Their primary concern is the associated risk of exposure to radioactive material that hydraulic fracturing is said to bring about. Not only will it be a source of potentially serious incidents of work injury for those who will be employed at the proposed sites but may also be a health threat to surrounding communities.

Traumatic work injury suffered when nurse is held hostage

Illinois workers in the construction or manufacturing industries might be surprised to learn that hospital workers face higher risks of suffering workplace injuries than they do. The truth is that hospitals are far more dangerous workplace environments with multiple sources of safety hazards that can cause work injury. Concerned parties say this should be a significant reason for action among leaders in the medical and nursing industries.

Maintenance worker suffers fatal work injury under semi-trailer

Workplace accidents are prevalent in all industries nationwide, including in Illinois. Many workers likely know that anybody can suffer a work injury at any time, and only compliance with safety regulations can protect them. However, sometimes lives are lost without witnesses, and investigators have to piece together evidence to form a picture of the circumstances that caused a fatality.

Untrained forklift drives suffers fatal work injury

An employee of Menards Inc. -- a home improvement chain with branches across the Midwest, including in Illinois -- believes the employer does not care about the health and safety of its employees. This follows the tragic death of a forklift operator at one of the company's outlets in another state. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's records indicate that this was not the first fatal work injury in this company's history.

Work-related accident claims life of Illinois sewer worker

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribe safety regulations to address the known dangers in every industry. However, some hazards exist in many different industries, and business owners must ensure that employees are protected from harm. One such a hazard is mechanical equipment such as lawn mowers. Following a recent fatal work\-related accident in Illinois, safety investigators are trying to determine whether non-compliance with safety regulations might have been the cause.

Mechanic claims medical expenses and more for exposure to benzene

Benzene is a flammable, sweet-smelling chemical that is present in gasoline, parts washers, solvents such as cleaning agents and degreasers, and automotive paints. These are all products to which auto mechanics in Illinois and elsewhere are exposed every day. Furthermore, benzene is a known carcinogen and the cause of excessive medical expenses for many workers who are suffering the consequences of exposure to this dangerous chemical.

Fatal work injury leads to claim filed in federal court

In Illinois, workers are typically prohibited from filing lawsuits against their employers after they suffer injuries in job-related accidents. However, workers' compensation benefits are usually available. In circumstances where an employer's gross negligence caused or materially contributed to a work injury, or the injury resulted from the negligence of a third party, grounds may exist for a separate civil claim. After losing her husband to a fatal work injury, a woman in another state filed a claim for damages in federal court. She named as many as nine defendants, including the employer and two Illinois companies -- a crane manufacturer and a lift truck supplier.

Fatal work injury claims life of Illinois sign installer

An Illinois family has to cope without a beloved husband and father after a tragic accident on a recent Friday. The 47-year-old employee of a company that provides electrical and lighting solutions died when he suffered a fatal work injury. Reportedly, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched an investigation to determine the cause of the accident.

Medical expenses for occupational skin diseases can be high

Many workers in Illinois face workplace hazards that cause occupational diseases rather than physical injuries. The medical expenses that follow can be as high as those incurred when workplace accidents cause fractured bones and/or other serious injuries. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), skin diseases are second on the list of most common occupational diseases -- mostly caused by exposure to chemicals.

Workers' compensation: Cold stress injuries can be costly

Employers in Illinois must ensure that all workers in positions that expose them to the cold winter conditions are aware of the risks of cold stress. Recognizing the symptoms and knowing how to prevent cold stress can save lives, and working in pairs is important. When the internal temperature of a worker's body drops too low, his or her body will not be able to produce enough heat to warm the body. Workers' compensation claims for this condition is prevalent at this time of the year, and if not treated in a timely manner, permanent tissue damage and even death can follow.

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